Reflections from the Pandemic – How inclusive leadership behaviours can support an effective return to work

A phrase we have heard consistently over the last couple of months is “At least we are all in the same boat”! What is clear is that, we are all in different boats in the same choppy waters of uncertainty. Everyone is dealing with the pandemic differently, everyone has different circumstances, challenges at home, caring responsibilities among...

PWN Global Presidents’​ Blog: IWD2021

Making a choice is a courageous act. Why courageous you might ask? Well it is a process that, according to Columbia University business professor Sheena Iyengar, requires a couple of steps: Knowing what you want Understanding what options are available Making trade-offs between the available options Making a choice implies that you are accountable and...

What did l learn this year?

As the year closes out l always complete an exercise, kind of like a review of the year as l experienced it. This time l want to share it. I always use the phrase: ‘you think it, you ink it– offers the power of legitimacy’. It enables me to be more accountable for my growth as...

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