Coaching that Retains and
Progresses your Talented People

Many organisations lose their talent when people struggle to thrive. This loss comes at a significant financial, cultural and commercial cost which has an exponential ripple effect impacting trust, relationships and leadership confidence.

Group Talent Retention Programmes

I deliver Talking Talent bespoke Women in Leadership and Working Parents Programmes with global organisations. These Programmes have delivered exceptional retention results year on year and have been embedded into organisational strategy and culture.

One-to-One Talent Progression Programmes

The world of work is changing. Tomorrow’s high performing leaders need to be more agile, collaborative and adaptable than ever. I work with Senior Leaders enabling them to achieve sustainable progression in their roles.

Gender Inclusion Consultancy

I work with organisations in developing and implementing strategic gender diversity initiatives to optimise organisational performance and accelerate female talent through workplace inclusion.Enabling Inclusive cultures that drive belonging, engagement, performance.

I help Organisations
Retain their Talent

I have worked with a diverse range of organisations in Ireland, the UK, EMEA and the USA either directly or via my long standing relationship with Talking Talent. I work comfortably across cultures, genders, and generations working with people at all levels, including Board, Partner, EXCO and Senior Management.

I like to bring science and evidence-based approaches to my work in a simple-to-apply way that feels good, pragmatic and delivers results. I use a blend of techniques including Facilitation, Neuro Science, Emotional Intelligence, Clean Language, Archetypes, Symbolic Modelling, Transactional Analysis, Story Telling and Intersectionality.

I love to connect globally with industry experts and knowledge institutes. This allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of what is enabling the inclusive cultures that attract, retain and progress diverse talent.

I help Individuals
Progress their Talent

The coaching programmes that Carina delivers enable your talented people to thrive, grow and be the best version of themselves by:
Connecting with their Leadership identity
Strong awareness and understanding of self, including strengths, values and leadership style.
Enhancing resilience and sustaining high performance
Prioritises your own well-being and that of others; models resilience and equanimity; cultivates a working well- living well approach.
Increasing Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
Enhances the performance of leaders; builds and reinforces trust in your relationships, creating sustainable change that drives business results.
Enriching strategic thinking and stakeholder relationships
Cultivates profile and visibility with stakeholders; prioritises relationship-building and has strong strategic connections within the organisation.
Effectively managing uncertainty and change
Change is the only constant; develop your understanding of your relationship to change.
Developing Executive Presence
Makes a positive impact with stakeholders of all levels; is a compelling and impactful communicator; projects confidence and credibility.

Enable Your Talent To Thrive

Enabling inclusive cultures that attract, retain and engage
women, men, and measurably improve business performance.

What often holds organisations back is a complex web of systemic, cultural, and structural issues that must be fully understood before they can be overcome. A carefully considered, bespoke response is invaluable for business leaders committed to enabling gender balance in their organisations.
Research shows the key to creating better workplaces for all is to promote psychologically safe and inclusive organisational cultures with flexibility and support.

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Business with Organisations


Events & seminars


Our Partners


Thought Leadership
for your Organisation

I have enjoyed over the past ten years moderating or participating in various panel discussions, conferences and events in Ireland and across Europe. Covering a broad range of areas within:
Gender Balance Leadership
Retaining and Progressing Talent
Sponsorship and Mentoring


Sheila Gemin

I received great opportunities to fulfil leadership roles for global organisations in my career. One of them was stepping up as global president for PWN. Looking back, I am grateful I stepped in with Carina by my side as Co-President. In these two years, I not only got to know myself as a person and… Read more “Sheila Gemin”

Sheila Gemin
Global Head of IT- Corporate Services ING Bank

Jacinta Walker

I worked with Carina both in a direct coaching relationship and also with her for coaching for a member of my team. Working with Carina as a leadership coach was one of the most positive decisions I have made for my career. Her style of coaching and self enablement process has helped me reach the… Read more “Jacinta Walker”

Jacinta Walker
Global Vice President of Digital, Talend

Eimear Cotter

Carina has been delivering our Female Leadership Programmes in Grant Thornton since 2017 and they have continued to help develop and empower our female staff at all levels. These programmes are in high demand year on year and it has been wonderful to see the benefits our participants have obtained being put into practice as… Read more “Eimear Cotter”

Eimear Cotter
Head of Learning and Development at Grant Thornton

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