Emotional Intelligence

The EIP3 emotional intelligence diagnostic tool has been developed over 25 years by our accrediting partner, PSI Online. Registered with the British Psychological Society, the EIP3 draws on the neuroscience of emotional intelligence to measure the attitudes which fuel the feelings behind our behaviours.

Emotional Intelligence is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective.

Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that turns personality into effective performance. The EIP3 is a powerful development tool that enhances the performance of individuals and leaders, creating sustainable change that drives business results.


Research shows that EI is clearly related to key outcomes that help people thrive in their workplace and career. People higher in EI demonstrate:

Higher job performance
Greater job satisfaction
More organisational commitment
Better psychological well-being
Positive leadership impact

Provides candidates with a brief overview of their relative strengths and development areas in EI to support personal and professional development

Perfect for blending personal reflection and practical impact.

Over 20,000 leaders worldwide have benefitted from the insights provided by EIP3

EIP 3  Debrief Coaching session includes:

Report and a 2 hour debrief session with an actionable plan going forward

      Investment : €595.00

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