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Enabling your Talent to Thrive

Achieving gender balance is a top priority for many organisations today. The importance placed on this goal comes partly from research, demonstrating that increased diversity can drive organisational performance, and partly from policy makers, activists and the general public urging organisations to boost female representation across all levels of their business.

While many organisations demonstrate good intent, achieving optimal gender balance is not straightforward. There are no silver bullets or off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to all organisations regardless of context. The progress of women needs to be accelerated through workplace inclusion.

What often holds organisations back is a complex web of systemic, cultural, and structural issues that must be fully understood before they can be overcome. A carefully considered, bespoke response is invaluable for business leaders committed to enabling gender balance in their organisations. It is also important to recognise the importance of gender balance in winning the war for talent, retaining and progression your talent.


I work with your organisation to develop a bespoke partnership, specifically tailored to deliver successful outcomes that are important for your business.

Our partnership will:

Support and guide your thinking around interventions that support a consciously inclusive workplace where all people can thrive
Develop a customised business case for gender balance to drive momentum and commitment in your organisation
Build understanding of the range of organizational challenges faced by women, and accurately diagnose those most pertinent to your context
Design and execute a set of individual and organisational interventions tailored to your organisation

My work with PWN Global and our corporate partners, along with having completed the INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme, gives me unique insight into the interventions that are having impact and achieving results.