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I joined talking Talent in 2013 and was responsible for introducing their solutions into the Irish market.

My strategic relationship with Talking Talent enabled me to deliver structured Women in Leadership programmes and Working Parents Programmes annually with organisations.

These Programmes have delivered exceptional results year on year and have been embedded into organisational strategy and culture.

Women in
Leadership Programmes

Over the last 7 years l have enjoyed partnerships with client organisations in Ireland, developing and delivering their Female Talent Development Programmes.

These programmes are designed to develop diverse talent pipelines. Through coaching and research Talking Talent have saved clients millions by retaining and progressing their most talented women.

To date l have coached over 300 female leaders.

If you would like to hear more on the design, success and impact the programmes please contact me.

Working Parents

I have been delivering and designing bespoke working parents programmes for organisations in Ireland for the last 8 years, coaching over 800+ working parents and their Line Managers.

I partner with organisations, designing programmes that are integrated into their broader Inclusion and Diversity strategy. Enabling them to transform and optimise the support for new parents. Creating a culture, where all of your new parents are valued, motivated and supported throughout the entire employee life cycle in an inclusive way.

Talking Talent programmes Working Parents | Talking Talent ( are inclusive of all situations involving becoming a parent alongside being a professional, whether maternity, paternity, special cases, shared parental leave, adoption, surrogacy, same-sex or solo parenting; first-time or subsequent and returners from all situations. Coaching for working parents, carer and their managers | Navigating the parental

If you would like to hear more on the design, success and impact of these programmes please contact me.

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