(Inventory for Work Attitudes and Motivators)

Motivational and attitudinal patterns (MAPs – also known as metaprograms) are a powerful force in filtering and translating our experiences. MAPs predict how we will react in a given situation and are the building blocks of our attitude and motivation. They influence our behaviour and emotions, and are central to the quality of our relationships, communication and leadership style. The iWAM describes and measures 48 motivational and attitudinal patterns that impact on a person’s performance at work.

JobEQ is the company behind the iWAM Emotional Intelligence test. Using iWAM, one can predict what motivates a person, what their work attitude is and how they will want to communicate and to act during their work context.


The iWAM test will give you a deeper understanding of you. It will highlight for you what your key Motivators and Patterns are in the work environment.

Once you can understand your cognitive patterns, you will be better equipped to identify and understand the patterns of others. This will have the benefit of improving understanding and interaction with other people both in the work environment and in your private life.

You will get valuable insights about your key motivational drivers:

How they influence your perceptions
How they influence your behaviour
How clients and colleagues may perceive you

iWAM Debrief Coaching session includes:

Report and a 2 hour debrief session with an actionable plan going forward

Investment : €595.00

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