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The world of work is changing. Tomorrow’s high performing leaders need to be more agile, collaborative and adaptable than ever. The pressure on leaders today is significant and at times, unrelenting. Along with the existing workplace challenges, leaders now face the added pressure of managing remote or hybrid teams and keeping them engaged.

I work with Senior Executives on below programmes enabling them to achieve sustainable progression in their roles.

Coaching for Sustainable Performance Programme
Leadership Transition Programme
Executive Coaching Programme

Coaching for
sustainable performance

This programme focuses on supporting Leaders wellbeing.

In these uncertain times, leaders need to be inspiring and comforting while also pushing on performance. Combined with responsibilities outside of work, it’s not surprising that leaders are feeling the strain. While there is growing awareness that wellbeing is a key lever to managing personal and professional challenges while sustaining performance, it is easier said than done.

I believe when leaders focus on their wellbeing perform at their best, achieve work-life integration, maintain healthy practices and create more productive team cultures.

The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS®) which is a uniquely holistic, evidence-based tool that delivers deep insights into what shapes and sustains a leader’s success – at work and at home. GLWS goes further than other wellbeing surveys by delving deeper, focusing on the ‘whole person’; by tackling the ‘silent’ derailers in today’s fast-paced, uncertain, ambiguous and complex times.

As a GLWS ® strategic partner, l work with leaders with balance and purpose both in and out of work.  GLWS brings the latest research-based wellbeing diagnostics and development techniques to equip senior leaders with the resources they need to flourish in high-demand environments.  Leaders need to be acutely aware of their wellbeing needs to achieve better business outcomes – higher customer satisfaction, performance, productivity and profits, stronger talent retention and an engaged workforce.

The GLWS process of ‘Learn it – Live it – Lead it – Embed it’ for creating positive wellbeing at the individual, team and organisational level is one l subscribe to.

Results of Coaching for Sustainable Performance include

Greater organisational and personal wellbeing, enhanced resilience, sustained high performance, increased engagement and improved productivity. GLWS helps leaders tackle wellbeing priorities head on, providing expert advice, support and encouragement every step of the way.
GLWS helps to drive change across a wide range of common executive coaching goals, such as people leadership, career transition, stakeholder engagement, building resilience, conflict resolution, stress management & burnout, change readiness and ability to achieve full potential

Programme includes

Each programme starts by the coachee completing the online survey, the results are analysed and a GLWS Personal Wellbeing Report is created.
The GLWS Personal Wellbeing Report provides deep insights into a range of challenges that might otherwise remain hidden.
8 hours 1-1 coaching delivered virtually or onsite.

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The goal of transition coaching is to reduce the time it takes for new leaders to make a net contribution to the organisation and establish a framework for ongoing success. Transition coaching is time-bound and short-term. Many newly placed executives fail within their first two years in the position for reasons ranging from their inability to adjust to a new culture and develop strong relationships to a lack of understanding of the business imperatives.

I work with leaders in transition to develop a transition plan, a road map that will define critical actions that must take place during the first 120 days to establish credibility, secure early wins and position the leader and team for long-term success. Feedback is critical to success and frequently, the leader conducts a “pulse check” of the key players, including the boss, direct reports, peers and other stakeholders, after six to eight weeks to gather early impressions so that the new leader can make a course correction if needed.

Results of Transition Coaching include

Manage uncertainty and change created by the transition
Increase the chances of success in key business critical roles
Accelerate the understanding of the new business environment, particularly in terms of the cultural and political dimensions
Escalate the forming of critical relationships

Programme includes

8 hours 1-1 coaching
Tri Party Agreement or multi party agreement with Line Manager can also be included.
Optional use of assessment tools to support the programme (iWAM, Extended DISC, EIP 3 Emotional Intelligence Profile)

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on the performance, learning and development of the client. The definition that I subscribe to is “the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of others” (Downey 1999).

Executive coaching is often sought after to improve interpersonal and professional communication, enhance personal performance and organisational effectiveness, manage career and personal changes, develop executive presence, enrich strategic thinking, deal effectively with conflict, and build a high-performing team.

The future of work is evolving. With that, behaviours are changing, increasing the need for innovation, inclusivity and agility. Transformation is crucial to future-proofing business performance and the coaching process supports the individual on this journey.


Increased self-awareness as well as awareness of others and the organisational environment enabling them to realise their potential and create high-performing cultures that are fit for the future.
Improved listening, communication skills, and enhanced relationships with others
Helps facilitate the client to explore possibilities for creating the future and making important decisions from an expanded point of view.
Increased productivity for executives and their teams, better financial performance, stronger execution on strategic imperatives

Programme includes :

8 hours 1-1 coaching
Tri Party Agreement or multi party agreement with Line Manager can also be included.
Optional use of assessment tools to support the programme (iWAM, Extended DISC, EIP 3 Emotional Intelligence Profile)

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